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Midjourney Monsters



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A acantharea

   albacore tuna






   armored snail

B baleen whale



   basket star

   blue marlin


   butterfly fish

C christmas tree worm









   crown of thorns star 


   cushion star


D dolphin



   dumbo octopus

   dungeness crab

E eel

   elephant seal

   emperor shrimp

   estuarine crocodile

F fan coral

   fiddler crab

   fin whale

   flameback snail

   flashlight fish

   flat fish

   flying fish

   frilled shark

G gar

   giant oarfish

   giant squid

   goose fish

   great white shark


   goblin shark

H halibut

   harbor seal




   humpback whale

I icefish

   imperator angelfish


J japanese spider crab


K krill

L lamprey

   leafy seadragon

   leopard seal



   lion's mane jelly

   lobe coral


   lophelia coral

M manatee

   manta ray


   megamouth shark

   mola mola


   moon jelly


N narwhal




  nurse shark

O octopus

   olive seasnake





P pacific blackdragon

   peacock mantis shrimp


   polar bear

   portuguese man-o-war



Q queen parrotfish


R ragfish


   red king crab

   ringed seal

S sablefish


   sand dollar


   sea cucumber


   shovelnose guitarfish






T tang

   tasseled wobbegong






U umbrella squid


V vampire squid

   velvet crab

   vigtorniella worm


W whale shark

   whiptail gulper

   white beaked dolphin



X xiphosura

Y yellowtail damselfish

   yelloweye rockfish

   yellowfin tuna

   yellow tube sponge

Z zebrashark


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